Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Remind me to buy more apples

High produce prices kept us from eating our apple a day, so off to the doctor we'll go. Mr Man has to go tomorrow for an appointment with a neruologist about maybe having a sleep study done. He snores like a freight train and sometimes gets choked, they're thinking maybe sleep apnea. School is still running the mystery fever, so I'll be taking him to the doctor. I am hoping to be able to work all this around the other kids going to school. Frillian has already voiced that she doesn't want to walk to the bus by herself. All I know is that she's leaving this house!! Two snow days in a row is definitely torture.

The short bus riders were in full force tonight at the Kohls. We have an audit tomorrow so everything had to be perfect. Which means I had to be the bitchy slave driver. We were there an hour past when we were supposed to be. Oh well, at least it's money in the bank. I probably should spend it on apples.

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