Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't we just start again???

It's been so long since I have blogged. I kinda got tired of being witty. Mr. Man would get upset that I would blog here, yet not on our family website. Doesn't he realize that it's harder for me to post there? This is my release. Blogging on the family site is just one more parental chore.

Ok, so I've decided to start blogging again. What has happened since I blogged last? Alot.

I had one of the scariest parent moments of my life. Over the summer I was laying on my bed watching reruns of Army Wives on my laptop. In walks the Big Howler Monkey and he was crying. I am so used to crying in this house that I didn't even blink. He walks in and says that he fell and his arm looks funny. I look up and his arm looks like a letter U. I panic and send the other howlers to the neighbors house and we are on our way to the ER. Luckily Mr Man works on the way to the hospital, we stopped to pick him up. I am not sure I would have made it through the day.
After a couple x-rays, we learned that our oldest son had a greenstick fracture of the radius and ulna. They called in the SEXIEST orthopedic surgeon and after sedating him, they got him fixed up. Luckily we got to go for quite a few follow-up visits. Big Howler even teased that his Mom had a crush on the bone doctor. Ummm, hell yeah I did, this man was Fine with a capital F. He was nice too, not your normal cocky specialist. After a couple weeks in a soft cast, quite a few in his awesome camo cast, and a couple in a brace he is all healed up. Dr Sexy even promised him a camo cast because that's what he wanted. He had a hard time getting it because it was double the price of his regular colors, so he borrowed some from another doctor. He teased and said not to tell anybody where we got it because he couldn't get any more. What a good doc is that???

Ok, what else.....
Big Howler Monkey started third grade at a different building. This building was fifth and sixth grade when Mr Man and I went there, so it's hard to say that he is at the E.M. building because it makes him seem older. This is his teacher's first year teaching. She has alot of fun new ideas, and so far his lowest grade is a B+. I have no complaints.

Girlie Howloer Monkey started first grade. She is in the Challenge Program this year. Yes, that is the program for gifted students. She loves Challenge, and is totally bored with the regular classwork. She has learned the hard way that even though you don't like something you still have to pay attention and give it your all. She got her first B on her report card because she half-assed a quiz and an F will bring your average way down. I am not worried about her though, she knows what she did wrong.

Little Howler Monkey has the same Preschool teacher as last year. We just love her, she is so great. This is the third year in a row that one of my kids have had her as a teacher. She is like family. I actually feel sad when I think about not seeing her on a daily basis next year. He is doing great, he needs to work on learning his address and phone number. I can't believe my baby will be five in a month.

Little Howler is howling for "breffest". I guess I need to go feed him. I promise it won't be 4 months until my next post.