Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No voice..

My poor throat is so sore that I can barely talk. I'm just rolling with it and saying I have no voice. My sister called me this morning, I texted her to say I have no voice. So what does she do? Call me again about 40minutes later. I texted to tell her that I still have no voice. GRR Family, you gotta love them.

We had yet another snow day today. The streets are covered in ice. Tomorrow should be clear, but it will start all over again on Thursday. I was sick in bed all day, so my kids ran amuck. They actually did pretty good, the big howler made everyone poptarts for breakfast. I am pretty sure that they ate chips for lunch while I slept. OOOPS He told everyone not to bother me and they actually listened. It was sweet.

Mr Man is snoring on the couch right now. GRRRR

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus...

The biggest pain in my side at work made a transfer to days. And even though this woman thinks Santa is a lie, I know he is real. This was my one wish, to get rid of her. This woman is a huDge pain in the ass!!! She spent way too much time whining and complaining to learn to do her job. She is on ALOT of medications, so I think she just couldn't remember the things I was telling her. She went and tattled on me to my boss, told him that I treated her like she was stupid. I pretty much told him that she was stupid, he said to play nice. Well apparently I didnt' play nice enough, so she went to ask for a different shift. She will be working in the intimates department. Hopefully all the bewbies won't overwhelm her.

Today is a snow day. Well, actually a sleet day. The kids are running wild. I am laying in bed because my throat hurts and my chest is congested. I will definitely need a nap before going to work tonight.

My best friend comes home in less than a week and I can't wait. Why did the Army think they need to be in North Carolina?? My Roo-Roo needs to be here with me!! We are going to do nothing but heckle people the whole time she is here.

Mr. Man is driving me crazy lately. He can't seem to make up his mind if he wants to ignore me or be up my ass. Really, I have no energy for this. I know he wants me to stop what I'm doing and drop trou when ever he is in the mood. Did he forget the howlers running around? Even though it feels like the animal kingdom, we can't really be having monkey sex with kids that close by. He knows that it's worth the wait. Maybe I should put that pocket pussy in his stocking afterall.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't we just start again???

It's been so long since I have blogged. I kinda got tired of being witty. Mr. Man would get upset that I would blog here, yet not on our family website. Doesn't he realize that it's harder for me to post there? This is my release. Blogging on the family site is just one more parental chore.

Ok, so I've decided to start blogging again. What has happened since I blogged last? Alot.

I had one of the scariest parent moments of my life. Over the summer I was laying on my bed watching reruns of Army Wives on my laptop. In walks the Big Howler Monkey and he was crying. I am so used to crying in this house that I didn't even blink. He walks in and says that he fell and his arm looks funny. I look up and his arm looks like a letter U. I panic and send the other howlers to the neighbors house and we are on our way to the ER. Luckily Mr Man works on the way to the hospital, we stopped to pick him up. I am not sure I would have made it through the day.
After a couple x-rays, we learned that our oldest son had a greenstick fracture of the radius and ulna. They called in the SEXIEST orthopedic surgeon and after sedating him, they got him fixed up. Luckily we got to go for quite a few follow-up visits. Big Howler even teased that his Mom had a crush on the bone doctor. Ummm, hell yeah I did, this man was Fine with a capital F. He was nice too, not your normal cocky specialist. After a couple weeks in a soft cast, quite a few in his awesome camo cast, and a couple in a brace he is all healed up. Dr Sexy even promised him a camo cast because that's what he wanted. He had a hard time getting it because it was double the price of his regular colors, so he borrowed some from another doctor. He teased and said not to tell anybody where we got it because he couldn't get any more. What a good doc is that???

Ok, what else.....
Big Howler Monkey started third grade at a different building. This building was fifth and sixth grade when Mr Man and I went there, so it's hard to say that he is at the E.M. building because it makes him seem older. This is his teacher's first year teaching. She has alot of fun new ideas, and so far his lowest grade is a B+. I have no complaints.

Girlie Howloer Monkey started first grade. She is in the Challenge Program this year. Yes, that is the program for gifted students. She loves Challenge, and is totally bored with the regular classwork. She has learned the hard way that even though you don't like something you still have to pay attention and give it your all. She got her first B on her report card because she half-assed a quiz and an F will bring your average way down. I am not worried about her though, she knows what she did wrong.

Little Howler Monkey has the same Preschool teacher as last year. We just love her, she is so great. This is the third year in a row that one of my kids have had her as a teacher. She is like family. I actually feel sad when I think about not seeing her on a daily basis next year. He is doing great, he needs to work on learning his address and phone number. I can't believe my baby will be five in a month.

Little Howler is howling for "breffest". I guess I need to go feed him. I promise it won't be 4 months until my next post.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Three and a half months....

Has it really been that long since I've blogged?? I really need to get back on the horse. Let's see what's happened since then....

We've started living a greener lifestyle. The kids are actually doing better at recycling than I am. They remind me whenever I forget. Even Hopper tells me reduce, reuse, recycle Mom. Mr Man built a rain barrel to save runoff for our watering needs.

Mr Man has been on a building blitz. He built me two awesome boxes for square foot gardening.

Also a potting bench for the Monster-in-law

He's also built an adirondak chair, some birdhouses, a desk and hutch and a few more things I'm sure.

Things are still going ok at the Kohls. We're in the middle of a big change in our ad setting system, it will make my job totally change, hopefully for the better.

I need to start blogging more. I'll leave you with one of my family's favorites.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Family Movie Night

While I was busy working at the Kohls, Mr Man and the kids had movie night. They climbed in our bed and watched Indiana Jones, two nights in a row. He, of course, bragged how the kids were just like him with his love for Indiana Jones. I say, sure whatever floats your boat, just don't make me set down to watch some of the weird crap you call entertainment.

Since I didn't have to work on Wednesday night, I was asked by the kids to join movie night. Imagine my surprise when it was the last of the Indiana Jones trilogy. So, we grabbed TONS of snackies and snuggled up to watch. They, of course, were entranced by it, I was entranced by the love that my kids gave me. They actually fought over who got to sit closer. AWWWWW

School informed me that for Thursday, I got to pick the movie. I decided to go with something we hadn't seen before. I started digging through the watch instantly list on netflix. I decided on a classic, Singing in the Rain. None of us had seen it before, and it's rated G. Perfect for a family movie night. We got our snacks together and snuggled in to watch. Mr Man just knew that HIS kids wouldn't sit through a musical. Halfway through when they were good and entranced by the dance stylings of Gene Kelley, I reminded him they were MY kids too. School even got up and did a little tap dancing along with the movie.

All in all, family movie night went great. I'm sort of sad that I have to go back to work tonight. Sunday I have the day off, and since Monday is the anniversary of my birth, we will do a family celebration. It's supposed to be nice and sunny so Mr Man already knew that we'd be taking a picnic lunch to the Zoo. YAY!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things that I've learned on the Bargain Board...

I am completely obsessed with the bargain board on Babycenter.com. It is a bunch of fun snarky moms who look for bargains and talk about EVERYTHING. Since first reading that board I've learned that you are tacky if you let your kids wear character clothing or light up shoes. Never poison your kids by giving them McDonalds. Truly loving parents will so what it takes to be able to afford a Britax carseat and you should leave them rearfacing as long as possible in that seat. School lunches should be done bento style and completely void of anything with red dye #40 and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup).

When you have your period you should use a diva cup. Keep your feet from velcro-ing to the bed sheets by using the pedegg. Always keep your "oval office" hair free with magic cream.

Always try to purchase these items from Target, Walgreens, CVS, or Linens and Things. These are Bargain Hunter approved stores. Use coupons and try to buy on Clearance. If there is a really good bargain where you can get items free or less than a quarter with a coupon hoard them and stack them in your basement like there's no tomorrow. It doesn't matter that your whole family is allergic to Huggies wipes, you may need 400 containers of them for something.

I've learned how to lance a boil at home. You can or cannot birth your baby at home with the help of your boyfriend's cousin's sister who is a vet tech. If your child is completely sick always ask the bargain board to diagnose before leaving for the ER. If your husband is cheating these knowledgeable ladies will help you get revenge. And always always always post any tacky birthday/baby shower/bridal shower/halloween party/christmas party invites that you get so we can make fun of them for days on end.

For those of you Bargain Hunters who notice something that I've left out, feel free to leave me a comment.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Conversation from the car

I picked up the howlers from school today and this is the conversation I heard.

Frillian: I got invited to C's birthday party.
School: Where is it? Skaterz? Chuck E Cheese?
Frillian: I don't know, I'll ask her. Her birthday is in the summer. C has an Xbox, but I don't remember what number she said it was.
School: Xbox 360
Frillian: Sounds right. You can play Xbox while C and I swim in her pool. She has a big pool at her house. Do you want to swim with us?
School: No, I'll just play Xbox
Frillian: Hermie do you want to go with us too?
Hermie: No, my not know how to fwim, my will just play xbox with School.

I was totally cracking up. I am sure that C's Mom doesn't know that anyone was invited to her house. This is why I had to instill the rule that you can't go to a birthday party unless there is a written invite. We also don't let sibs tag along to parties.

Last night at the Kohls was nice. Neither of the short bus riders were scheduled and we got done an hour and a half early. Somehow I don't think I'll be as lucky tonight.