Friday, February 29, 2008

Family Movie Night

While I was busy working at the Kohls, Mr Man and the kids had movie night. They climbed in our bed and watched Indiana Jones, two nights in a row. He, of course, bragged how the kids were just like him with his love for Indiana Jones. I say, sure whatever floats your boat, just don't make me set down to watch some of the weird crap you call entertainment.

Since I didn't have to work on Wednesday night, I was asked by the kids to join movie night. Imagine my surprise when it was the last of the Indiana Jones trilogy. So, we grabbed TONS of snackies and snuggled up to watch. They, of course, were entranced by it, I was entranced by the love that my kids gave me. They actually fought over who got to sit closer. AWWWWW

School informed me that for Thursday, I got to pick the movie. I decided to go with something we hadn't seen before. I started digging through the watch instantly list on netflix. I decided on a classic, Singing in the Rain. None of us had seen it before, and it's rated G. Perfect for a family movie night. We got our snacks together and snuggled in to watch. Mr Man just knew that HIS kids wouldn't sit through a musical. Halfway through when they were good and entranced by the dance stylings of Gene Kelley, I reminded him they were MY kids too. School even got up and did a little tap dancing along with the movie.

All in all, family movie night went great. I'm sort of sad that I have to go back to work tonight. Sunday I have the day off, and since Monday is the anniversary of my birth, we will do a family celebration. It's supposed to be nice and sunny so Mr Man already knew that we'd be taking a picnic lunch to the Zoo. YAY!!

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