Sunday, February 10, 2008

I do love me some pink

But this is ridiculous. Frillian has the pink eye. Halfway through the day yesterday I looked at her and she looked as if an alien life form was on her head. I got her some drops from Target last night and luckily she was awake when I got home from working at the Kohls. Remember the scene from Gone With The Wind when Scarlet was at the make shift hospital and they were amputating a soldier's leg without knocking him out?? Frillian sounded pretty much like that when I was trying to put in the drops. Mr Man even came running in thinking that I had finally snapped. Her eye is starting to look a little better today, and Mr Man will definitely be on drop duty.

Remind me to cut the brake lines on the short bus that drops off my crew members at the Kohls. I know it takes all kinds to make the world go round, but this is getting crazy. We had a teeny tiny ad last night that should have taken no time, but yet we were there for an entire shift. I have one girl that everyone suspects is on the meth. I have one that is so utterly computer illiterate that you'd think she was Laura Ingalls Wilder reincarnated. I have one that made it through half the night before she realize that she was working with her palm pilot on the wrong date. I had one who locked her locker combination inside her locker. Totally had to play MacGuyver with a pen and scotch tape to fish it out. Don't even get me started on the day crew who can't seem to get taking down and Early Bird sale correctly. It's not hard, you take down the sign that says Early Bird leave the rest behind. Oh no, they always either leave them up, or take everything down. So I didn't get home until after midnight last night. GRRR

Today Mr Man has the plan of going to Office Max to buy paper. The howlers are totally obsessed with paper and steal it out of our printer continuously. He's decided that if they have their own, they'll leave his printer alone. I know, you're thinking exactly what I'm thinking, but we'll let him have his plan anyway. We will also be going to that evil place that eats babies because it's the only place in town to get groceries. I am out of black beans and that just can't happen.

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