Saturday, February 23, 2008

The evil place is evil...

wally world, the blue devil, the place that eats babies, voldemart, there are a million nicknames for Walmart. No matter what you call it, that place is evil. Not only do they run other companies out of business, and pay their employees jack. They take too much of my dang money. Living in the midwest, it's hard to avoid Walmart. They're really the only place to get groceries around here. I went to get a few things today, mainly bananas and these yummy little mandarins that my kids love. Well, I went to a different one that is closer to my house and dang if they didn't have the mandarins. They did lure me into buying 2 sets of flatware that were on clearance for $9 a piece. Also a label maker for NLP:RD, because according to Ashley everyone needs a label maker. So basically a quick trip for bananas, mandarins and a few other things was 190ish dollars. EEKS!!

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