Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Conversation from the car

I picked up the howlers from school today and this is the conversation I heard.

Frillian: I got invited to C's birthday party.
School: Where is it? Skaterz? Chuck E Cheese?
Frillian: I don't know, I'll ask her. Her birthday is in the summer. C has an Xbox, but I don't remember what number she said it was.
School: Xbox 360
Frillian: Sounds right. You can play Xbox while C and I swim in her pool. She has a big pool at her house. Do you want to swim with us?
School: No, I'll just play Xbox
Frillian: Hermie do you want to go with us too?
Hermie: No, my not know how to fwim, my will just play xbox with School.

I was totally cracking up. I am sure that C's Mom doesn't know that anyone was invited to her house. This is why I had to instill the rule that you can't go to a birthday party unless there is a written invite. We also don't let sibs tag along to parties.

Last night at the Kohls was nice. Neither of the short bus riders were scheduled and we got done an hour and a half early. Somehow I don't think I'll be as lucky tonight.

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