Monday, February 11, 2008

Destined to stay home

School woke me up complaining that his head and throat hurt. Took his temp and it's 101.8. I gave him some Tylenol and sent him back to bed. I called Mr Man to tell him that he'd have to take Hermie to school since it's his snack day and snack day is a big deal. I got a phone call around 9am from Hermie's teacher, they're dismissing school at 11am because we're expecting snow and ice. Here it is 1:33pm and I haven't seen a drop or flake. Oh well, at least the kids are doing a good job at entertaining themselves. Frillian even cleaned her own room. SHOCK!!!

Poor School is in my bed germing it all up. At least he's sleeping. Poor kid, I probably should have taken him to the doctor, but didn't want to drag 3 kids out if we're having bad weather.

Life is fairly boring here, don't really have much to talk about. Guess I'll leave it at that.

Edited to add: I just went to check the mail and it's fraining. (frain=freezing rain according to Sasha)

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