Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ahhh refreshing...

Mr Man and I actually had a babysitter last night. Gotta love Mr Man's sister, she actually likes to spend time with our howlers. We are a pretty boring couple though. We went to eat at Texas Roadhouse. Mr Man actually stuck to his diet. He had a salad with lowfat ranch, he even picked off the eggs and croutons. The shish kebab which was awesome and served on rice. I totally pigged out and ate 2 rolls with cinnamon butter, they were to die for!! I also had a sald with the lowfat ranch, a 10oz ribeye and a baked sweet potato. VERY YUMMY!!

After dinner we did a Coscto run, which is a big thing for us because it's closer to the city. It was nice to stroll around and shop without the kids. I looked for the amazing trash can that the bargain hunters are raving about. Of course our stupid Costco didn't have it. I did get some very nice camis for sleeping. They are longer than average and very soft. Mr Man bought a GIANT magnetic dry erase board for over our desk. Not sure what he's expecting to write on there. It had better not be a list of chores for me, unless it includes sleeping until noon and blogging. We did get the normal food that we always get from Costco and some enormous reusable shopping bags. I have shopping bags from just about every store, but can never remember to take them back with me. It's a sad addiction.

We left from there and ran into Target quickly. I got some cute black bootcut yogas to go with the mom uniform. I also got some exercise bands that I've been looking for. I really wanted to get the kettlebell too but $39.99 was a little much to spend on an exercise that we all know I probably won't stuck with. Got some other odds and ends and decided we had better go get the howlers.

Went and picked up the howlers came home and watched LOST. It was awesome!! I'll save the details for another entry.

Mr Man did finally get some lovin last night too. Poor guy has had it pretty rough since I started on the Effexor. Did I tell you that I saw my psychiatrist again yesterday for a followup?? She said that my craziness, I mean depression, is genetic, I could've saved her the time and told her that. I will more than likely be on the Effexor for my whole life. Poor Mr Man. It's a horrible feeling not thinking about sex at all. I asked him if he'd rather have sex and me be on the crazy side. He said to not stop the I must have been pretty bad.

I have to go work at the Kohls again tonight. Luckily I only work one day next week. I am hoping that it's a pretty short night. Not sure if I can stand 5hours with the short bus crew.

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