Monday, February 18, 2008

Damn You Mr President, Damn you all to Hell!!

I understand our forefathers were great. They made America the wonderful place that it is. Why can't our children spend they day in school learning about them instead of home with me??? We had one sick day, 2 snow days and a half day last week. Now a 3 day weekend? I really cannot be spending this much time home alone with the howlers. They are sick of me, and sick of each other. All they do is argue and fight. I am ready to put them all in separate closets.

School went to his second orthodontist appointment today. His back teeth are growing in and he'll be able to start the first step of his ortho treatments soon. He did get a little blue spacer between two teeth to make room for the permanent to come in all the way. It's all I've heard about for the past hour or so. Why is my child so damn neurotic??

Mr Man is taking a nap. He got up both weekend days with the howlers, I figured the least I could do is let him take a nap. Of course the howlers are in full fledged crazy mode. Not sure how much napping he's really getting. He's not quite as good at playing possum as I am.

I am scheduled to work 6 shifts this week at the Kohls. I may not survive. If I don't make it, please make sure to blog about the evils of Kohls. I won't expect you to quit shopping there, they have fucking righteous clearance racks!!!

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