Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bad Mom Alert....

I had a bad Mom day yesterday. All was going well, I got the kiddos out the door with weather appropriate clothes. Very hard to do when your weather changes from 80 degrees to 35 degrees in a 24hour period. I wrangled Mr Man into going and picking them up and even did a tiny bit of housework while he did it.

We would think that all is well in our house. Mr Man and I were discussing what we ate for lunch, since we are both dieting. School said that I didn't ask him what he had for lunch. Being the good Mom that I am, I asked. He told me that he was going to get a tray, but had to get the special lunch instead. One would think the special lunch would be, well special. Think again. The special lunch is a peanut butter sandwich and a milk. It's what you get when your parents let your lunch account go in the negative by $10. I blame the school for this. They are just updated enough that all of the lunch accounts are kept on computer, but heaven forbid they put this info for the parents online. Anyone that knows me, knows that I keep up with all things online. I am sure that if our lunch accounts were available online, my children would have an overabundance of lunch money. Ok, maybe not an overabundance because I did really need some new shoes this week.

Don't worry, my children are on the way to the bus with very cute checks tucked in their backpacks.

Mr Man was so sweet he let me take a late nap since I didn't have to go slave at the Kohls last night. I woke up after the kids were nestled in bed. It was awesome. I am glad that I didn't go past the bathroom until morning. I woke up to popice wrappers and cupcakes with the icing lucked off all over the place. Yes, I let my kids eat popice, it keeps them out of my sugar free fudgesicles. The cupcakes were courtesy of our next door neighbor's mom. She has adopted our kids and they fondly call her Grandma Monster.

School and Frillian are on the bus, Hermie is still asleep. My Roomba aka Roofus is cleaning my living room floor. All is well in the world. I am going to grab a bowl of cheerios and watch reruns of The Waltons on the Hallmark Channel.

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Sasha@BarelyKeepingItAllTogether said...

We must live in the same part of the country- I ran outside on Monday because it was 76, and yesterday it was in the 20s....