Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No voice..

My poor throat is so sore that I can barely talk. I'm just rolling with it and saying I have no voice. My sister called me this morning, I texted her to say I have no voice. So what does she do? Call me again about 40minutes later. I texted to tell her that I still have no voice. GRR Family, you gotta love them.

We had yet another snow day today. The streets are covered in ice. Tomorrow should be clear, but it will start all over again on Thursday. I was sick in bed all day, so my kids ran amuck. They actually did pretty good, the big howler made everyone poptarts for breakfast. I am pretty sure that they ate chips for lunch while I slept. OOOPS He told everyone not to bother me and they actually listened. It was sweet.

Mr Man is snoring on the couch right now. GRRRR

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Former Fat Chick said...

My sister is a stay at home Mom and she call me all the time like at 9:30 are you watching Kelly & Regis? UM, NO, I am working! ha-ha sisiters, they are nuts! Love your blog!